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Real Life Emmet Costume

If you think it’s too hard or cumbersome to be parading around in a blocky Lego movie costume, then why not go for a real life version of a recognizable character like the main hero Emmet from The Lego Movie? This costume is very easy if you remember that Emmet is just an average construction worker building buildings in his Lego world. That means any orange vest you see will do just fine. In this real-life Emmet costume the costume starts with a blue collar shirt and is topped with an orange vest. Note the reflective striping pattern for safety purposes. Some duct tape would work nicely for this. The hard part will be finding a pair of matching orange jeans. Don’t forget Emmet’s ID badge that he wears on his front pants pocket and a pair of construction boots that would make any construction worker proud.

Real Life Emmet Costume
Real Life Emmet Costume
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As Seen in Lego Movie
Updated on Sep 17, 2017

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