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Line Cony Costume Full Body

Cony is one of the memorable animal characters featured in the numerous stickers that you can use in the Line chat app for your mobile phone. Cony’s costume is the cute version with black dots for eyes as opposed to the versions where you can actually see Cony’s eyes in the stickers… those aren’t quite as cute. This is a full body suit costume for Cony fans and it’s really nothing much at all. Cony has a round body and even round head that is almost a perfect circle. She’s got two long rabbit years that stick straight up and have a pink lining in the center. Cony’s costume’s face will help really make your generic white body suit look like Cony. Be sure to mimic this reference picture of the official Line costumes standing with her partner Brown. Her face has two soft pink spots for cheek blush and a smiling mouth with a small circle nose.

Line Cony Costume Full Body
Line Cony Costume Full Body
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As Seen in Line
Updated on Sep 27, 2017

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