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Hipster Ariel Costume

The Little Mermaid is the object of adoration of many girls, many of whom are all grown up. While the prospect of being a mermaid and having tail fins rather than legs makes the costume quite hard to pull off, why not go for a modern day interpretation of Ariel which is sure to impress with your creativity in play. Today’s fashion is very much centered around being hip without trying, thus we have dubbed this the hipster Ariel costume. Primarily due to the black frames that are trendy now, this Ariel costume packs a lot of style. Of course you have to start with the red hair so an Ariel wig will be absolutely necessary. After that though it’s all up to your creativity. This costume uses a white T-shirt with two purple seashells in place of a bikini made of seashells. It’s much more sensible and yet still has the all important seashells that are crucial to Ariel’s wardrobe. The next item are the ripped blue jeans with heaving discoloration and distress wash. Since they are blue they are a perfect substitute for her mermaid tail while allowing you to walk around in human form. If you could find turquoise jeans it would match Ariel’s color scheme even better though any hipster will tell you that’s trying to hard. Remember it’s got to be effortless. Finally, throw on a bunch of bracelets to complete the look. The Flounder purse is a huge bonus which makes the perfect accessory to a very cool and hip Arial costume. Be the coolest Ariel at your party with a little bit of hipster-inspired creativity.

Hipster Ariel Costume
Hipster Ariel Costume
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Updated on Aug 28, 2017

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