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Human Ariel Costume

While Ariel from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid has always been the object of adoration for little girls and grown ones alike since 1989, the idea of getting into a purple seashell bikini or wearing a mermaid skirt really inhibits any attempt at an Ariel costume come Halloween dress up season. That’s why we love this simple and very elegant human Ariel costume instead. In the whole movie, besides her mermaid form, this is the blue and black dress we all remember her in, as she goes on a date with Prince Eric in an attempt to get him to fall in love with her. This Ariel costume consists of just three pieces: a long sleeve light blue shirt, a black corset on top, and a big blue dress. Throw on an Ariel wig and you’re all set with a childhood idol dream come true. Ariel’s human costume allows you to walk around on your own two feet and will let you feel more clothed if you aren’t comfortable with the amount of skin you’d have to show as mermaid Ariel. It’s also super simple to put together yet somehow it has a very dramatic effect as pictured here.

Human Ariel Costume
Human Ariel Costume
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As Seen in Little Mermaid
Updated on Sep 16, 2017

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