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Sebastian Toddler Disney Costume from Little Mermaid

If you have a baby boy and are still a huge fan of Disney’s Little Mermaid movie, you could opt to dress your child in this Sebastian toddler Disney costume. It’s simply an adorable ensemble for toddlers, and it works great as a playdate for an Ariel baby costume. Just think of it, Ariel and Sebastian toddlers, could anything be more cute? (Answer: No).

sebastian toddler costume little mermaid
sebastian toddler costume little mermaid
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As Seen in Little Mermaid
Updated on Oct 11, 2017

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  • vane

    Ebay or Craigslist…?

  • Sebastian Toddler Disney Costume from Little Mermaid http://bit.ly/ffdlQB

  • sarah

    Execpt for the fact that Sebatian is a crab, not a lobster, just saying

    • I read the translated story (with the sad enndig) in primary school and felt sooooo sad for the little mermaid. As I grew older, I realized she actually could have chosen to live. Then Walt Disney’s Ariel version came along and everybody lived happily ever after.The part of the story that still strikes me though is the irony of her situation: 有口難言,有足難行,有命難生,有怨難死Conclusion: Don’t get into the little mermaid’s situation to start with; or try to get out of it asap.

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