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Ursula Costume

Just because Ursula from the Little Mermaid is a giant black/purple octopus doesn’t mean you can’t still try your attempt at her costume this Halloween. As this costumer-dresser clearly shows this version of Ursula is top notch. With a little creativity you can be your own Ursula and terrorize other susceptible mermaids and mermen in the sea with false hopes. This Ursula costume makes use of a black corset and tentacle skirt that seems to be sequined to resemble fish scales (even though we though octopi didn’t have scales)? The skirt is quite an amazing piece as each tentacle reveals a soft dark purple plush underlining that sits over a longer purple dress base layer. It really works out beautifully in this Ursula costume, we think. The skin is all light purple just like Ursula is in The Little Mermaid and she wears the same yellow seashell necklace that is one of the Disney villain’s defining accessories. The hair is also quite gorgeous with a fancy up do with purple highlights. It’s really an perfect example how even the toughest characters like an Ursula costume can be tackled and executed beautifully with some advance care and thought.

Ursula Costume
Ursula Costume
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As Seen in Little Mermaid
Updated on Sep 13, 2017

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