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Lone Ranger Tonto Costume

Though the film was not well received, it still stars Johnny Depp as the mystic Indian Tonto and for this simple fact you can bet it will still be a popular costume for Halloween this year. Who can forget the sexy appeal of Jack Sparrow whom Johnny Depp portrayed in the Pirates of the Caribbean? Continue with that character quirkiness and also get an opportunity to talk like an American Indian while you’re at it. Tonto’s costume is mostly a bunch of accessories as he is shirtless throughout the movie. With a pair of long dark pants, you can pair up a large Indian necklace to cover your chest. Throw in an assortment of feathers in your long hair (some parts braided of course) and follow the white and black makeup reference in the photo. The face paint is really what makes the character so be sure to spend time getting that right. You can also attach a raven to the headdress that this Tonto costume sports accurately from the Lone Ranger film.

Lone Ranger Tonto Costume
Lone Ranger Tonto Costume
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As Seen in Lone Ranger
Updated on Sep 4, 2017

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