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Gandalf Costume

A great costume idea with the advent of the new Hobbit movies is the bring back everyone’s favorite wizard from the Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Gray! This Gandalf costume is completely homemade and just goes to show how a little creativity will get you an awesome costume that even money can’t buy. This Gandalf costume makes use of a gray flowing cloak as Gandalf wears with a darker shade shawl covering the shoulders. The cloak is “tied” together with leather strips in medieval fashion (you can clearly see the zipper hidden underneath). Find the longest pipe you possibly can as Gandalf is known to puff from his pipe on occasion. Grab Gandalf’s wizard hat and staff and grow out a long white beard of easier still just buy one and you’re all dressed to impress any Lord of the Rings fans.

Gandalf Costume
Gandalf Costume
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Updated on Jul 27, 2017

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