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Magic Mike Costume Worn by Channing Tatum

This Magic Mike costume is sure to set ladies’ hearts afire as an unexpected and bold costume idea for Halloween this year. This version of Mike Martingano costume better known by his stage name “Magic Mike” shows a little less skin if you are a bit self-conscious but want to go the extra mile to be a hit with the ladies. If you rock the bod to pull it off, this can be quite a lethal costume. In this reference photo from the movie, Magic Mike wears his trademark striped tie. Note that this tie has vertical stripes rather than horizontal like the ones you normally see. He also has a shirt collar around his neck which the tie is tied around. In movie posters you may see the vest off but at least in this version you can stay warm (somewhat) with a black suit vest buttoned up all the way. Magic Mike here also wears a silver chain and overalls with his black polyester pants with a sheen. To complete the costume, be sure to wear the workout gloves on both hands and flex your muscles whenever you take a photo.

Magic Mike Costume Worn by Channing Tatum
Magic Mike Costume Worn by Channing Tatum
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As Seen in Magic Mike
Updated on Sep 11, 2017

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