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Maleficent 2014 Costume
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Maleficent 2014 Makeup

Here is an up close shot of the side profile of actress Angelina Jolie who plays Maleficent in the Disney 2014 movie Maleficent which shows the origin story of the “Mistress of All Evil” and how she came to be. In this side profile you can clearly see the makeup used, featuring heavy dark purple eye shadow and sinisterly drawn out eyebrows. Her cheekbones are also enhanced with dark blush and her lips are colored a bright red. If you’ve got green contact lenses, they would be a great addition to your Maleficent costume. This makeup reference also gives a good idea of the detailing in Maleficent’s headdress which you can see starts as a skull cap but has horns draped over. Whether she truly has horns growing out of the side of her head or they are just part of her costume, no one will ever know!

Maleficent 2014 Makeup
Maleficent 2014 Makeup
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As Seen in Maleficent
Updated on Mar 27, 2017

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