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Maleficent Diaval Costume

A new character that we get introduced to in Maleficent that was not really given a personality from the original Sleeping Beauty film is Diaval, whom we previously only knew as the raven “Diablo.” Since we find out his back story with Maleficent we also discover he has a different sounding name easily confused with Diablo. As Diaval, perhaps the name conjures less of a devilish spirit and more of a loyal sidekick which is what actor Sam Riley manages to convey in Maleficent. We also find that Diaval has a human form, yet he still retains much of his raven-ness. In this Diaval costume you get a good shot of the scars on Diaval’s face as well as the rest of his wardrobe. Diaval is dark and sullen like a raven should be and wears black for the entire film. His hair is long but unkempt and there are even hints of black feathers in his hair if you look closely. Diaval wears a simple black tunic with a drawstring neck and a loose lapel coat over it that is dusty and dirty, perhaps like a real animal should be. Sam Riley’s makeup is also quite pale and his features are dark including his eyes. He has a rather exaggerated widow’s peak that clearly forms a large V shape on top of his forehead. This Diaval costume would go great as a male companion to Maleficent as the two are often seen together in the film, with Diaval doing Maleficent’s bidding.

Maleficent Diaval Costume
Maleficent Diaval Costume
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As Seen in Maleficent
Updated on Aug 8, 2017

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