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Maleficent Princess Aurora Costume
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Maleficent Princess Aurora Costume

From the new movie 2014 Maleficent is a reimagining of the old Sleeping Beauty tale. Here is Princess Aurora’s costume from the movie in its full glory, showing off all the detailing you’ll need to piece together your own version to dress up as Sleeping Beauty this year. Actress Elle Fanning fills the shoes as Sleeping Beauty, or Aurora as she is referred to for most of the film. This Princess Aurora costume is unlike the ones we’ve seen in the past from the animated Sleeping Beauty film. This one is more monochromatic with a light turquoise look paired with a few slight embellishments. The sleeves are long and flowing and there is a long belt in the center to give the gown some shape. This Aurora costume also has a somewhat floral top with ribbons and a more toned down tunic underneath to serve as an underlying garment. This is the look for Aurora in most of the film as she wanders around the Moors where Maleficent lives.

Maleficent Princess Aurora Costume
Maleficent Princess Aurora Costume
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As Seen in Maleficent
Updated on Aug 1, 2017

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