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Maleficent’s Coat Dress Costume

A screenshot of the evil Maleficent from the 2014 Disney film of the same name shows some detailing in the Sleeping Beauty villain’s costume that is a little bit off from her usual look. In this scene Maleficent seems to be wearing a luxurious fur collar coat. Of course the collar is very big, wide, and high just like her usual look but it’s a slight departure showing off that the Mistress of All Evil doesn’t only have just one dress in her wardrobe. This black dress is just another style of Maleficent’s costume for your consideration. Of course you can’t forget Maleficent’s headdress with the ram horns and her trusty magic staff with a glass egg on top.

Maleficent's Coat Dress Costume
Maleficent's Coat Dress Costume
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As Seen in Maleficent
Updated on Apr 27, 2017

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