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Mary Poppins Costume Ideas

Mary Poppins Red Costume

The first scene when we are introduced to the lovable but no-nonsense Mary Poppins occurs right in the beginning of the film when the wind changes direction and in glides a red-suited Mary Poppins with her parrot umbrella. We love that introduction of her and... → Read More

As Seen in Mary Poppins

Bert Chimney Sweep Costume

If you're accompanying a Mary Poppins on a date to your next Halloween party, then perhaps you can dress up as Bert. He's most recognizable in his chimney sweep costume though his Dapper Dan penguin suit is a pretty close second. This costume can be... → Read More

As Seen in Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Hat Costume

We're providing this as a close up detail to making your own hat if you plan on going as Mary Poppins this year as your costume. The hat works great here as it takes a few liberties with the flowers. Note how there are several... → Read More

As Seen in Mary Poppins

Best Mary Poppins Couples Costume – Bert and Mary

This has to be the best couples costume we've ever seen from the Mary Poppins movie from Disney. This is a beautiful classic that just looks so hipster and "current" in today's fashion. You get to really modernize the look as this couple did and... → Read More

As Seen in Hipster, Mary Poppins

Bert Kid’s Costume from Mary Poppins

This dapper young fellow makes an adorable Bert from Mary Poppins. He's got the barbershop quartet style costume with red, orange, and yellow stripes and an adorable straw hat to match. This is from the scene where Bert and Mary Poppins and the children play... → Read More

As Seen in Mary Poppins

Penguin Costume

The cutest costume ever will be a penguin costume for your little one! Yes, remember the penguins from Disney's Mary Poppins? Get inspired as those penguins can dance their way around! Bert probably did a good job training them...or maybe Mary Poppins just used her... → Read More

As Seen in Mary Poppins