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Penguin Costume

The cutest costume ever will be a penguin costume for your little one! Yes, remember the penguins from Disney’s Mary Poppins? Get inspired as those penguins can dance their way around! Bert probably did a good job training them…or maybe Mary Poppins just used her magical spells on them? Who knows, all you gotta be concerned with is the penguin costume for your little guy. So find a soft fleece kid’s penguin outfit that is comfortable to wear, first and foremost. Next, such a penguin costume should come with a hood with an attached penguin beak. Also make sure the costume comes with a pair of yellow padded penguin feet as well. And last but not least, the penguin costume as it is inspired by Mary Poppins needs to have a red bow tie. Get the whole family to dress up too. Mom can wear the Mary Poppins costume, while Dad wears the Bert pinstripe costume, and the toddler in a penguin costume. That’s the cutest family costume ever!

Penguin Costume
Penguin Costume
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As Seen in Mary Poppins
Updated on Oct 24, 2017

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