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If you’ve got a little “Boo” of your own, you can create your very own “costume” for her just like Sulley did in the Monster’s Inc. Pixar movie. After it had been discovered that a human had entered the monster world, Sulley needed to disguise Boo as a monster so she would fit in. The result is this Boo costume disguise done as amateurishly as possible. With a mop-top head and reused quilt fabric for the body, foam arms, and pipe cleaner eyes, this costume has the perfect Disney charm for a Halloween party with great originality to boot. The inner construction is easy enough and done with white cardboard. Don’t forget the felt teeth and your Boo monster costume disguise will be complete!

boo monster costume
boo monster costume
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As Seen in Monsters Inc.
Updated on Sep 13, 2017

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