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Celia Costume Monsters Inc

To be original in the Monsters Inc world you really need to go for the secondary characters like this Celia costume who is the medusa inspired monster love interest of Mike Wazowski. Rather than going after the big boys like Mike and Sulley, you’ll score big originality points by thinking outside the box and dressing in this Celia costume which you can’t even purchase if you wanted. That’s how to do Halloween if you ask us! This costume makes use of a few purple snake toys tied to a headband. The frill is tulle around the collar of a matching turquoise shirt. To get the scaly effect you just need to draw in a few scales with a permanent marker. The arms and legs can also be done with some purple tights.

Celia Costume Monsters Inc
Celia Costume Monsters Inc
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As Seen in Monsters Inc.
Updated on Jul 21, 2017

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