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Mike Costume Monsters University
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Mike Costume Monsters University

On Mike’s first day of school on his dream campus Monsters University, he is dressed as the typical fresh-faced freshman. Capture that exact moment yourself so you can make your Mike Wazowski costume just that much more adorable and endearing. It’s not hard to do at all with the additional a few simple accessories inspired by this reference photo. In it, the young Mike sports an oversized blue backpack. Since he is a small monster, this makes sense so be sure to find one to similar scale for your own needs. On either hand he carries some orange and green luggage cases with stickers attached. You don’t have to nail it down exactly but just generally catch the gist of it with the colors and a few stickers of your own. And finally don’t forget the well-worn MU cap that is a critical part of Mike’s costume in Monsters University.

Mike Costume Monsters University
Mike Costume Monsters University
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As Seen in Monsters Inc.
Updated on Jul 14, 2017

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