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Monsters Inc Roz Disney Costume

Here’s a totally unique and awesome Disney costume idea – go as Roz from Disney/Pixar’s Monster’s Inc! Who, you ask? You know it’s an original costume idea when you don’t even know who the character is! Roz is the grumpy lady monster who works with Mike Wazowski. She may play a minor role in the movie, but you sure can remember her as the sarcastic ol’ supervisor type character who bugs Mikey about his paperwork. Sound impossible, you ask? Nothing’s impossible – all you need is a little imagination! You don’t necessarily need a monster suit. Get a drapey dress that flows all the way down to the floor and layer a red long-sleeve cardigan over the dress. The most distinctive part of the Disney costume is the cat eye glasses, which is attached to a beady eye glass holder necklace. Finish off with a Monsters Inc hat, and you’re set!

Monsters Inc Roz Disney Costume
Monsters Inc Roz Disney Costume
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As Seen in Monsters Inc.
Updated on Oct 6, 2017

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