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Monsters University Mike and Sulley Costumes

The duo is back again in the new 2013 Pixar film Monsters University and though the characters look very familiar, they are back in a slightly different way. Mike Wazowski has not yet grown out of his braces (or are those retainers?) and still wears the “MU” cap given to him by a real Monsters, Inc. scarer when he was a little boy. Sulley wears a fashionable “MU” letterman jacket and has his hair slicked to the side in his cool youthful ways. Aside from these small changes, you could dust off your old Monsters Inc costumes of Mike and Sulley if you had them and breath new life into them with just a few minor updates to celebrate the new release of the prequel.

Monsters University Mike and Sulley Costumes
Monsters University Mike and Sulley Costumes
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As Seen in Monsters Inc.
Updated on Jul 12, 2017

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