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Roz and Sulley Couples Costume

Though an odd duo, it’s perfect for a guy and girl couple to try to attempt as the list of female monsters in the Monsters Inc. world is fairly limited. Roz, though nothing feminine, can still look quite stylish if you just take a moment to be creative as this costume goer did. Roz has a few unique features which you can imitate to pull off a convincing look minus the slug-like appearance. Roz’s hair is quite unique and you can see here it is combed straight up and very high. Roz wears cat eye glasses which you can easily find in a costume props shop. Roz wears very tacky looking clothing as you can see she makes use of contrasting colors like orange and pink and red. Of course, the final touch are the pearl necklaces that somehow seem so fitting for this Roz costume’s age group profile, though these are securing her glasses to her neck. You can even color in your lipstick the same way she does, just a tiny spot on the lips. Don’t forget to draw in a mole too while you’re at it. Roz has one on her chin. Sulley’s costume is store-bought. Not much to say there.

Roz and Sulley Couples Costume
Roz and Sulley Couples Costume
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As Seen in Monsters Inc.
Updated on Jul 22, 2017

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