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Squishy’s Mom Costume

Squishy is one of the frat brothers that Mike and Sulley befriend in the Oozma Kappa fraternity in Monsters University. Squishy’s mom, because she owns the house that she has graciously let the fraternity use, then gets a role in the movie and she ends up being quite an endearing character much like Squishy himself. The two are both very cuddly and as you can see it’s not that hard for a regular human to pull of Squishy’s mom’s look. Her name is Sherry Squibbles and she wears multi-color curlers in her hair along with a big floral mumu dress. Throw on some fuzzy pink slippers to add to that homey look and you’re all set being Squishy’s mom and bossing around the OK frat boys if you see any at your next party!

Squishy's Mom Costume
Squishy's Mom Costume
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As Seen in Monsters Inc.
Updated on Jul 1, 2017

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