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Where to Buy Monsters University Baseball Cap

After the release of the summer Pixar hit Monsters University, the old baseball cap worn by Mike Wazowski in the movie as he attend MU is in more demand than ever and is retailing for as much as $49.99 on eBay and other places as buyers looking to make a quick buck snatch them up from store shelves and online to resell for a higher profit. Right now the only two places you can get the blue Monster University baseball cap is on the MU store website or at a Disney park. It is also possible you can find Mike’s treasured blue cap at Disney Stores which are much more readily available and don’t require you to buy a ticket to get inside an actual park. We’re sure after the initial inventory issues get resolved, you’ll start seeing the cap available elsewhere at costume stores and Amazon.

Where to Buy Monsters University Baseball Cap
Where to Buy Monsters University Baseball Cap
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As Seen in Monsters Inc.
Updated on Jul 16, 2017

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