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Girl’s Mulan Dress Disney Costume

Dress your little girl up in a Mulan Disney costume for this year’s Halloween. Don’t worry,  Mulan’s costume includes a nice dress as well, not just some boyish soldier outfit, unless that’s what she really wants. Mulan’s dress is a pink traditional Chinese ensemble. The top is a cross V long-sleeve blouse, and the bottom could either be a long skirt or flowy long pants. Finish off the Disney costume with a bright blue sash across the waist. If you want your little girl to go all out on her costume, get her hair up in a bun, and we’ll see who’s the winner of this year’s Halloween Disney costume!

Mulan Dress Disney Costume
Mulan Dress Disney Costume
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As Seen in Mulan
Updated on Sep 26, 2017

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  • catotti nard

    I’m doing merchandise in spring 2010, let me know how you’re liking it :)

  • quiroodres hazizak

    Take Mulan with you & change when she sees the error of her ways?! Or say 'you asked for the Mulan costume!' or lose Minnie! X

  • Girl's Mulan Dress Disney Costume

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