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Rainbow Dash Costume

One of our favorite ponies from My Little Pony is the pegasus called Rainbow Dash. Because she has wings and can fly and also sports colorful rainbows all over, we really love what’s possible with this costume. As you can see, it’s quite true to the original yet is totally adapted for human form. This Rainbow Dash costume starts with a rainbow color wig which you may need to slowly die each color yourself from a base wig. With a light blue hoodie, you too can decorate it with rainbow colored ribbon striping down the jacket sleeves. Also be sure to add some patches of the rainbow in lightning shape, since Rainbow Dash is after all in charge of the weather. You can build yourself a pair of cute little foam wings with some subtle detailing or by using another different shade color of foam. Rainbow Dash’s costume also includes a set of goggles as she is often seen wearing on Friendship Is Magic. Throw on some blue pony ears and you’re all set with your own Rainbow Dash costume!

Rainbow Dash Costume
Rainbow Dash Costume
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As Seen in My Little Pony
Updated on Sep 10, 2017

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  • Nick

    Love it! I did this as a guy, and it still worked! Would not work for macho guys, though it will work for me! Good idea!

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