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Sexy Jutsu Naruto Girl Costume

One of Naruto’s original moves that he invented when he first started training at the ninja academy is definitely one that has gotten its use throughout the anime series. When the time calls for it, Naruto can conjure himself into a sexy girl version of himself, with big blue eyes, long blonde hair in long pigtails, and usually a cloud of smoke covering the right parts. If you’re a big Naruto fan and want to dress as the hero without sacrificing your feminine side, then the sexy-jutsu Naruto is the perfect option to go against the likes of Sakura, Ino, or Hinata. We’ve always secretly believed that the Naruto girl costume could easily outshine the likes of the other girl ninjas in Konoha if just given the chance. Surprise the other Naruto fans with your sexiness, daring, and originality with this simple costume. The hard work will be in styling a long blonde wig into two pigtails and drawing on the eye makeup. Of course you can try to match your lip color to your bikini as depicted for a more coordinated effect. Of course don’t forget to draw in Naruto’s cat-like whiskers, which appears in the sexy-jutsu version of himself.

Sexy Jutsu Naruto Girl Costume
Sexy Jutsu Naruto Girl Costume
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As Seen in Naruto
Updated on Aug 24, 2017

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