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Though there were a variety of evil and foul characters in Tim Burton’s clay-mation classic The Nightmare Before Christmas, perhaps the greatest villain of them all was the scary Oogie Boogie. If you remember, Oogie Boogie was the amorphous monster who gambled with the life of “Sandy Claws” or Santa Claus on his hybrid gambling-torture contraption. Kids will never forget Oogie Boogie’s demise when a loose thread is caught in his machine and he disintegrates into a disgusting pile of bugs. Fortunately you won’t be needing any bugs to make your own Oogie Boogie costume this Christmas. He’s got the characters of a great scary costume: villainous and grotesque. Best of all, he’s actually quite easy to make with a bit of hard work and creativity. Oogie Boogie’s costume is mainly made of a single material: burlap sack. You often find burlap sacks used for potatoes and potato sack races. Burlap is coarse and rough and has a kind of menace to it. It’s also very cheap and easy to get online or in craft stores. Once you’ve got the burlap material then it’s just a matter of shaping the costume. In this amazing costume reference, you can see the intricacies in the mask where the eyes are accentuated by folded burlap and the mouth probably uses a wire frame to keep its shape with more burlap rolled over it and “stitched” together with black thread. The rest of the costume just requires a bit of cutting and sewing and isn’t hard because it doesn’t need to be perfect. After all that’s Oogie Boogie for you, kind of an amorphous ball of worms wrapped in burlap!

Oogie Boogie Costume
Oogie Boogie Costume
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Updated on Aug 16, 2017

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