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ParaNorman Costume

This ParaNorman costume is sure to be a popular hit this year thanks in large part to its timely movie release just in time for the Halloween season. This is a real ParaNorman costume seen at the movie premier, standing here with the real voice actor of Neil Downe who is dressed as his character. This Norman costume, his real name Norman Babcock and not ParaNorman, is designed like the actual 3D model used in the film, which was actual a large stop-motion production from the same makers of the movie Coraline. The easiest part of this ParaNorman costume is the red jacket. Since the head is oversized, so is the jacket to match. Otherwise any red track suit zip up should suit you. Since you probably don’t want to wearing a large Norman head all night when you are out trick or treating, simply do your hair as Norman does by following this picture reference. Bonus: have your friend dress as Neil by following this picture too!

ParaNorman Costume
ParaNorman Costume
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As Seen in ParaNorman
Updated on Aug 21, 2017

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