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Adorable Pinocchio Costume

If you remember at the end of Pinocchio he is able to get his wish from his fairy who turns him into a real boy. That’s the costume that inspired this adorable Pinocchio outfit. It’s very cute and because Pinocchio is in human form you can do away with the wooden looking arms and legs and the long peg nose. He’s got no strings because he’s a real boy so you can move freely around. This Pinocchio costume is very bright and colorful and best of all very recognizable. The costume makes use of bright reds, yellows, blues, and whites mainly which you can easily piece together yourself. Pinocchio has and exaggerated white collar with a huge blue bow do make him seem more diminutive like a boy. Pinocchio’s real boy costume also makes use of a yellow hat with a red feather. You can carry your schoolbook just like Pinocchio does here along with your unwavering conscience Jiminy Cricket as a plush doll.

Adorable Pinocchio Costume
Adorable Pinocchio Costume
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As Seen in Pinocchio
Updated on Sep 7, 2017

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