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Foulfellow Costume Disney Pinocchio

Be a creepy and fairly unknown yet totally recognizable Disney villain this year by dressing up in a Foulfellow costume from Disney’s Pinocchio movie. Aside from the blue fairy and the father Gepetto, the Pinocchio movie was actually quite disturbing, with boys turning into donkeys and evil looking villains left and right like Foulfellow. Calling himself “Honest John” he tempts poor Pinocchio do be a bad boy. You can tempt the other party goers this Halloween with this surprisingly refreshing and still evil looking hobo Foulfellow costume, going with the ghetto theme. Note his hat doesn’t close and his pants are raggedy.

foulfellow costume pinocchio
foulfellow costume pinocchio
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As Seen in Pinocchio
Updated on Sep 20, 2017

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