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Pinocchio Group Costume

This trio of Pinocchio characters is perfect for a Disney-loving group of three. As pictured here you have three of the main characters in the movie including Gepetto, Pinocchio’s father and the carpenter who created him, and Jiminy Cricket, the conscience of Pinocchio, and of course Pinocchio himself! You can see how great each character’s costume is and when put together they are even more of a sight to see. While you may not be able to procure these masks worn by the Disneyland cast pictured here, you can definitely take the costume reference to heart as these are made by the amazing costume designers who work behind the scenes at Disney. Gepetto’s costume is pretty plain with an olive shirt and a beige apron to give himself the look of a craftsman. Add wisps of white facial hair and spectacles to finish his look. Pinocchio is wearing flesh colored tights and wears shorts that are red like Mickey Mouse’s. Even his top is somewhat similar as it gives him a school boyish look. Jiminy Cricket’s costume is much more dapper and perfect for the wannabe hipster of today.

Pinocchio Group Costume
Pinocchio Group Costume
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As Seen in Pinocchio
Updated on Jun 11, 2017

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