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Pinocchio Lampwick Donkey Costume

One of the overlooked characters from the Pinocchio animated movie is Lampwick, the delinquent boy who becomes Pinocchio’s best friend while they play together in Pleasure Island. While Lampwick is a bad boy and a bad influence on Pinocchio, he is a true friend to our innocent puppet hero and teaches him a thing or two about smoking cigars, drinking, and vandalizing. While these aren’t exactly great habits, he is like an older brother to Pinocchio. That’s why we love that this Lampwick costume is finally getting some recognition again. If you see him you may wonder why he looks so familiar with that huge green ascot, loud yellow vest, and brown coat with olive jeans. The bowler hat with a single feather, cigar, and beer add to the look. Lampwick also has bright red hair and buckteeth if you really want to take your costume up a level. Though not necessary, the long red donkey ears matching Lampwick’s hair color add a bit of recognition to the costume for people who didn’t just watch Pinocchio the night before and have the image fresh on their minds. It’s a fun costume and we love how it looks even today despite so many years. Lampwick is the ultimate bad boy as well so you can play up that persona while you are costumed for the entire time.

Pinocchio Lampwick Donkey Costume
Pinocchio Lampwick Donkey Costume
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As Seen in Pinocchio
Updated on Sep 24, 2017

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