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Captain Barbossa Costume from Pirates of the Caribbean

A unique twist to the Captain Barbossa costume. Rather than going as the normal human Captain Barbossa as you first met him in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, you should go as the “undead” or ghost version of Captain Barbossa. The undead Captain Barbossa costume is much more interesting and creepier as well. A normal pirate costume for Captain Barbossa is plain boring and isn’t very distinguishable from other pirate costumes. So how to become the undead Captain Barbossa costume? Try a zombie mask or paint your face gray with some eerie scars. Also get some fake crooked teeth and clue on some nappy-looking mustache and beard. Lastly, put on some old pirate hat and old dark pirate jacket. Argh, there’s your undead Captain Barbossa costume from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Captain Barbossa Costume from Pirates of the Caribbean
Captain Barbossa Costume from Pirates of the Caribbean
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Updated on Sep 6, 2017

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