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Pintel Pirate Costume

So you want a Pintel pirate costume since your friend is going in the Ragetti pirate costume. Well, that is just super. You guys will be the perfect pirates, especially a pair from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. You know you love Pintel because you remember him quite well already from the first Pirates film The Curse of the Black Pearl. And all because he was chasing Elisabeth Swann and calling her “poppet”. So ready for the Pintel pirate costume? First off, you need a bald cap and need to glue some fake strands of hair to the side of your head. You also need some mustache and beard. Get ready to show off some chest hair and abs as Pintel does not wear a shirt underneath his pirate leather jacket. Your final accessory can be the Davy Jones chest, which Pintel and Ragetti were stealing in the second installment of Pirates Dead Man’s Chest. So there’s your Pintel pirate costume!

Pintel Pirate Costume
Pintel Pirate Costume
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Updated on Sep 23, 2017

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