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Pirates of the Caribbean Davy Jones Costume

Trade-in that wimpy, lame-o “scary” costume for a real terrifying costume this time! How terrifying you ask? As terrifying as the human-turned-sea-monster Davy Jones from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. If you can remember, Davy Jones first appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, Dead Man’s Chest, and again in the third film At World’s End. And you know why the Davy Jones costume is so horrendous? Well, it’s because Davy Jones is more sea monster than human. He had mutated into a sea monster with an octopus-shaped head and face with tentacles for a mustache and beard. His left arm turned into a big crab claw, and his right index finger is a super long, slimy and curly tentacle. Yuck. Also, you should remember that Davy Jones’ pirate ensemble – the pirate hat, jacket and pants – all had barnacles and sea shells encrusted on them. Yup, the Davy Jones costume is eerie alright. So eerie that you’ll definitely stand out at a typical costume party! So don’t forget to get a Davy Jones mask, since you probably won’t have an octopus-shaped head or face. And you can’t complete the Davy Jones costume without the pirate jacket, shirt, pants, and rugged belt buckle. Lastly, you should bring along the Davy Jones chest as well as an accessory, but don’t put your real heart in it. So all of that is your very scary Davy Jones costume!

Pirates of the Caribbean Davy Jones Costume
Pirates of the Caribbean Davy Jones Costume
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Updated on Jul 19, 2017

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