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Ragetti Pirate Costume

You know you’re a fan of Ragetti from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, so why not get dressed in a Ragetti pirate costume? Part of the Ragetti pirate costume is to be Ragetti. But you need your partner-in-crime, Pintel. As you remember from the three Pirates installments, Pintel and Ragetti are the pair who are always together, being the comic relief in sickness and in health. But let’s get talking about the Ragetti pirate costume now. Yes, Ragetti is the one who is missing an eye. But what’s cool is that we find out his fake eye is actually Captain Barbossa’s “Piece of Eight”, which would eventually be used along with the other pieces of artifacts to free Calypso. So, just as the picture shown below, you can wear an eye patch, but pretend that you’re busy polishing your fake wooden eye. And your pirate costume should be ragged and tattered as well, as the name Ragetti suggests. And don’t forget to act dumb and make awkward pirate jokes in your new Ragetti pirate costume!

Ragetti Pirate Costume
Ragetti Pirate Costume
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Updated on Sep 21, 2017

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