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Sao Feng Chinese Pirate Costume

Let Chow Yun-Fat from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End be an inspiration to your Sao Feng Chinese Pirate costume. Sao Feng is the all powerful pirate lord who ruled the South China Sea, or maybe Singapore, as he declared when Will Turner arrived at his infamous bathhouse. Sao Feng has mean scars on his face that signifies he’s got some hardship ruling the sea, but he sure does still enjoy it. So dressing up in a Sao Feng Chinese Pirate costume should be so much fun! First of all, you need a bald cap, but somehow find a way to put on a pigtail. Or you can find a traditional Chinese hat with a pigtail attached to it. Next, find a big robe with Asian print on it, and wear an armor plate for your chest and abdomen. Don’t forget to grow your fingernails long and paint them too, so they look really atrocious. And finally, draw some mean scars on your face. And that’s the Sao Feng Chinese Pirate costume, arghhh!

Sao Feng Chinese Pirate Costume
Sao Feng Chinese Pirate Costume
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Updated on Sep 20, 2017

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