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Will Turner Pirate Costume

Going to a pirate costume party with a Jack Sparrow costume is overplayed. You can virtually guarantee that you’ll see dozens of other Jack Sparrows roaming about. Instead, opt for the other heroic character Will Turner from the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean movies in this dashing pirate costume. At this point he is no longer the meek blacksmith Will Turner, but the Will Turner that has embraced his pirate roots starting with his father Bootstrap Bill. In this excellent Will Turner costume, you can see a puffy flowing maroon shirt covered by a pirate-y coat with large cuff and buttons galore. Throw in an old belt or two and add that pirate swagger and you’ll be the most original pirate at the party. Don’t forget to bare your chest and wear a slight necklace embellishment.

will turner pirate costume
will turner pirate costume
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Updated on Oct 4, 2017

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