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Pocahontas Meeko Raccoon Costume

A gray and white raccoon makes the perfect Pocahontas Meeko raccoon costume! Yes, the cute and playful raccoon is named Meeko from the Disney’s classic Pocahontas film. He loves to eat and becomes friendly with John Smith when Pocahontas is initially suspicious of John. Why don’t you re-live the Pocahontas experience by dressing up your loved one as Meeko? You can easily find a gray and white raccoon costume that just looks like the Pocahontas Meeko. The ideal raccoon costume would be a gray and white toddler sized body suit that comes with a hood shaped in a raccoon head. The body suit should be gray as well and should have a zipper somewhere to easily help you dress your child. Now, that should be an easy and unique Disney costume – a Pocahontas Meeko raccoon costume!

If you want an adult-size version, you have to be clever about it as well since a search for “Meeko costume” won’t get you anywhere (hint: because it doesn’t exist). However, there are “raccoon” costumes that you can really dress up as Meeko like this one which only need a bit of accessorizing (perhaps with a butterfly hair clip?) to get the Disney flavored look. Think outside the box when you are searching for costumes of your favorite characters you can’t find. That’s one gold nugget that will help you in your costume search!

Pocahontas Meeko Raccoon Costume
Pocahontas Meeko Raccoon Costume
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As Seen in Pocahontas
Updated on Sep 10, 2017

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