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Pocahontas Men’s Costume

If you’ve got a toned, muscular American Indian warrior body why not shake up the Disney movie by going as a guy’s version of Pocahontas? While at first thought it may seen rather effeminate, taking one good look at the costume will surely convince otherwise. This men’s Pocahontas costume has all the right elements in place including the pawprint paint on the chest and the arm paint around the bicep. He also wears a blue turquoise necklace like Pocahontas did in the film. The leather tunic carries over the same frilly element but does away with most of the clothing to show off a warrior-like body rather than hide it under a dress like Pocahontas. It’s a very masculine costume and a brilliant execution of a Disney, shall we say, prince?

Pocahontas Men's Costume
Pocahontas Men's Costume
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As Seen in Pocahontas
Updated on Oct 21, 2017

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