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Sexy Pocahontas Costume

Need an updated Pocahontas look? Be bold and go with a sexy Pocahontas costume instead. No one will dare mess with you in a sexy Pocahontas costume. Instead, the men will just stare and drool all over you. So what makes this such a sultry Indian chic princess costume? Well, first off, the traditional Pocahontas top gets an updated look with a over the shoulder corset with tassels. The skirt is much shorter and has matching tassels as well. Don’t forget the traditional Indian headpiece because you’re still trying to be Pocahontas. But to complete the sexy Pocahontas costume, try to find a pair of sexy brown lace-up boots to match the daring Indian princess look. You’re ready with this sexy Pocahontas costume, but is the world ready for you?

Sexy Pocahontas Costume
Sexy Pocahontas Costume
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As Seen in Pocahontas
Updated on Sep 27, 2017

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