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Pokemon Costume Ideas

Cute Misty Costume from Pokemon

If you've watched the original Pokemon series that first hit the US from Japan then you will remember Ash and Misty as two of the three main human characters from the anime. We love Misty as the more practical and level-headed counterpart to Ash who... → Read More

As Seen in Pokemon

Pikachu and Ash Couples Costume

While the kids who used to watch the original Pokemon series are now grown up and the Pokemon monster universe has exponentially expanded, there is no better icon than the original hero Ash Ketchum and his Pokemon of choice Pikachu. As you can see the... → Read More

As Seen in Pokemon

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Costume for Kids

This Pokemon Ash Ketchum costume for kids is not only easy to put together, but perfect for kids who would also like to set off on a Pokemon catching adventure! For this costume, make sure that your cap is red and has a white center... → Read More

As Seen in Pokemon

Pokemon Pikachu Costume for Kids

Is your little one ready for an electrifying evening fun with a cute Pokemon Pikachu costume for kids? If so, then this is the perfect thing for them to wear! Not only is it cute to look at but very easy to put on and... → Read More

As Seen in Pokemon