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Cute Misty Costume from Pokemon

If you’ve watched the original Pokemon series that first hit the US from Japan then you will remember Ash and Misty as two of the three main human characters from the anime. We love Misty as the more practical and level-headed counterpart to Ash who loved to use her water-element Pokemon, and we love this cute Misty costume even more! Misty’s costume is actually quite easy compared to Ash Ketchum’s as it’s really just a few select pieces that you may even have already in your closet. Misty’s big color is yellow which she wears with cute red suspenders paired with jean shorts. Her hair is tied into a ponytail and this Misty costume also sports a Pokeball dangling from her pocket. What makes this costume cute is its simplicity and the pose of the wearer. If you’re a female fan of the Pokemon series then Misty is an easy costume option.

Cute Misty Costume from Pokemon
Cute Misty Costume from Pokemon
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As Seen in Pokemon
Updated on Oct 9, 2017

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