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Pikachu and Ash Couples Costume

While the kids who used to watch the original Pokemon series are now grown up and the Pokemon monster universe has exponentially expanded, there is no better icon than the original hero Ash Ketchum and his Pokemon of choice Pikachu. As you can see the costumes are very fun and if you ever grew up watching and wishing you could live in the Pokemon world you now have a chance this Halloween. It’s a perfect couples costume so try to convince your date to play along and dress up. Ash’s costume is very simple with the right shirt that’s white with blue sleeves, a trucker hat, and jeans. Pikachu’s costume allows you to get creative with lots of yellow-themed clothing like stockings, gloves, and a top. The tail and headband are a must as well as the lipstick dotted cheeks.

Pikachu and Ash Couples Costume
Pikachu and Ash Couples Costume
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As Seen in Pokemon
Updated on Sep 19, 2017

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