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Crying Girl Lichtenstein Costume

Step aside Andy Warhol and make room for this eerily alluring Lichtenstein “Crying Girl” costume shown with tearful makeup on. Though the blonde comic book figure is shown in many emotions, the look of her crying is certainly the most recognizable. Show off this year by spending time on your makeup to pull off this effect, rather than shelling out money to pay for a costume that anyone else can buy. With this Lichtenstein crying effect applied to your costume, you can be very sure you’ll be stealing the show wherever you go. If you’ve already got blonde hair like this girl then you’ll definitely want to steal this look, otherwise a bright yellow wig will have even more dramatic effect. The trick is to draw in the bold lines of the face so as to look like a comic book character from the 60s when Roy Lichtenstein was actively painting. He is purported to have drawn in each dot with machined precision but you can get away with your best effort since, as you can see, it ends up achieving that pop art effect quite nicely even if it isn’t perfectly even.

Crying Girl Lichtenstein Costume
Crying Girl Lichtenstein Costume
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Updated on Jun 4, 2017

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