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Pop Art Comic Book Girl Costume

Roy Lichtenstein was known throughout the world during the 1960s pop art boom when he perfected such iconic pieces as the comic book girl which were inspired by comic books at the time. This comic book girl costume shows just how simple and unique your costume can be if you are just willing to put in the time to do the makeup. With just a bit of effort, you won’t even have to buy anything special to wear for Halloween. This girl shows off her Lichtenstein pop art makeup to full effect, with a dramatic eyes seemingly drawn from a comic book artist’s pen. There are even a few facial wrinkles drawn in as well including the big red lips. This pop art effect that Roy Lichtenstein is known for is completed with a series of dots on the face to mimic the effect of the comic book printers of the time. Note that during that period the colors were simpler and more basic, so you should stick to the same colors for your makeup.

Pop Art Comic Book Girl Costume
Pop Art Comic Book Girl Costume
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Updated on Jun 2, 2017

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