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Pop Art Lichtenstein Costume

One of the biggest names of the pop art craze during the 60s was definitely Roy Lichtenstein. This NY born artist drew in the style of comic books of the same era, with printers only being able to print at a certain resolution which allowed you to see the dots used to create the image. Lichtenstein then blew up the effect on his paintings and the result is seen here, except this Lichtenstein costume is a living breathing girl! The comic book girl from his paintings usually features a blonde with varying displays of emotion. In this one it’s a look of shock with a tiny bit of tears. Be sure to pose just like this girl with your eyes looking to the side for the best effect. The makeup you can see very clearly here and is not so hard with a good reference leaving nothing to the imagination. Draw in the comic book styled lines and know that you are retracing the lines of a true pop art legend. Finish off with Ben Day dots all over your face. Note that the effect has even been pulled down into the neck which you can then wear a dress over to show off a seamless effect. For fun, add a comic book speech bubble with one of Roy Lichtenstein’s favorite sayings to complete the look.

Pop Art Lichtenstein Costume
Pop Art Lichtenstein Costume
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Updated on Jun 13, 2017

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