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Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Girl Costume

One of the most iconic pop art girls besides Marilyn Monroe’s screenprinted face is the equally famous pop art comic book blonde from Roy Lichtenstein’s paintings. Inspired by comic books, Lichtenstein is purported to have hand painted every dot in his paintings during the 60s pop art era. This costume pays tribute to that time period when Warhol and Lichtenstein ruled the art scene. The Lichtenstein crying girl seen here shows just how easy it is to do the face makeup. It starts with boldly outlined features like the eyebrows and even drawn in wrinkles in the face to make the appearance more comic book like. Very heavy eye makeup is needed. Use lipstick to draw in the Lichtenstein style dots all over the face and pair with a blonde wig. This pop art girl costume of Lichtenstein’s is shown crying.

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Girl Costume
Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Girl Costume
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Updated on May 30, 2017

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