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Predator Mask Costume

The Predator movie originally featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger was scary due to the invisible Predator villain who only makes himself seen near the end of the movie. When you do see him, he is a disgusting lizard and alien like creature with a disgusting mouth. If you want a costume that will scare the wits out of people around you like the Predator movie did back in the day, consider this very well done Predator costume. The Predator is known mainly for his grotesque face so be sure to buy a realistic mask like this costumer-goer. Also note the necklace of bones kept as trophies as the Predators were later revealed in AVP to be a hunter species who liked to kill prey from other planets.

Predator Mask Costume
Predator Mask Costume
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As Seen in Predator
Updated on Aug 9, 2017

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