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Colette Sexy Chef Costume

If you were to dress up in a Colette sexy chef costume, then any male chef would undoubtedly turn his head to your direction, let alone Linguini’s. Yes, if you are catching these names, then you are truly a fan of Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille. Linguini is the aspired chef-to-be who is helped by the rat named Ratatouille, who has the palate for gourmet French food. And Colette is of course the beautiful yet talented French chef who works in the same restaurant as Linguini, and the two quickly fall in love with each other. So going back to dressing up as Colette. If you’d like to dress up in a sexy chef costume, be sure to find a sexy chef dress or jacket that has a low neck line and just barely covers your cute behind. And don’t forget about the chef’s hat either, as that will confirm the chef look. And that’s it for your Colette sexy chef costume. If you can get your partner to dress up in a Linguini chef costume, you two will be the hot couple of the night!

Colette Sexy Chef Costume
Colette Sexy Chef Costume
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As Seen in Ratatouille
Updated on Oct 10, 2017

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